A good teacher paragraph For class 4;5;6;7

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A good teacher paragraph

A person who teaches students in any educational institution is called a teacher. A teacher, especially a good teacher, is one of the most important people in a country. A good teacher is a worthy asset to any nation. He is a nation builder. A good teacher is a friend, philosopher and guide to students. He is dutiful and honest. As well as he is sincere, punctual, talented, and hardworking person also.


He is skilled in teaching or presentation of his subject, enterprising and rich in current knowledge. He spread his knowledge among the students to improve their creativity level. At the same time, he helps students to understand their lessons. A good teacher helps each of his students develop the potential hidden within them.


A good teacher paragraph
He inculcates interest in learning among the students. He always wants to see the students happy. He keeps them busy both at school and at home. Therefore, an ideal teacher should have the necessary qualifications.

The best teacher of the world

paragraph a good teacher

A teacher is a very important person who imparts knowledge to his students. He is also called the constructor of a nation. He played an important role in building an educated society. He abolish the blackness of foolishness from the society. Some special qualities like: truthfulness, honesty, discipline, punctuality, perseverance, compassion etc. are present in him.


He has a strong personality. He looks like an actor. He is able to hold the attention and interest of the students. He is a articulate speaker. A good teacher is very helpful as well as friendly to his students. He makes the lessons interesting to the students. We know that everyone has something of value. A good teacher discovers the hidden talents of students.


He always keeps himself busy teaching students. His only thought is how he can make a nation a good citizen. A good teacher never runs after money. He is an asset to the country.
A good teacher paragraph

A good teacher paragraph
A good teacher paragraph

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A good teacher paragraph
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