A tea stall paragraph For class 5 to10 SSC/HSC

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A tea stall paragraph

A tea stall is a small shop that sells light food along with potable tea to the customers for a living. It is a common place for all other classes except the very upper classes. There are tea shops in both villages and towns. There are tea shops on the beach, in the mountains, on the roadside, in the market, at the bus station, at the railway station. Generally, a tea shop opens early in the morning and closes late at night.


It is not the case that only tea is sold in tea shops. Apart from tea, bread, biscuits, chips, ben, bananas, cigarettes and many other types of small food items are sold here. In many cases the shop owner himself runs the shop and in many cases a teenager or an old man runs the tea shop in return for remuneration. Tea shops are usually not clean. Tea shops are mainly divided into two sections.


One is the main shop and the other is some benches placed in front of the shop where customers sit. People of different ages come here to drink tea and discuss various topics including political discussions. Nowadays tea shops have televisions. Due to this, on the days of various important or popular cricket and football matches, there is extra excitement in front of the tea shop, people come here and enjoy the game together with tea. Tea shops are often effective in calming the mind. As a result, tea shops are now a traditional part of this country, so it will be at least in the near future, that much can be said.

A tea stall paragraph

a tea stall paragraph for class 6
a tea stall paragraph for class 8
a tea stall paragraph for class 10

a tea stall paragraph for class 9
a tea stall paragraph for class 7

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