Drug addiction paragraph For Class SSC/HSC 300 word

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drug addiction paragraph

Drug addiction is a serious problem that has become a cause of great concern to the people of the world today. Drug addiction is the addiction of taking drugs. It has also spread widely in our country and is dragging a section of the youth from the circle of normal life into the dark world. As a result, there has been an extreme disaster in society and state life. Not only in Bangladesh, the number of drug addicts is increasing in almost all countries of the world. Today there is a voice towards the world to protect the country and the nation from the scourge of drug addiction.

But nothing seems to be able to control it. Drugs readily available in our country are – alcohol, ganja, phensidyl, tadi, beer, heroin, phenytoin injection, yaba etc. International mafia is using Bangladesh as a corridor for drug trafficking. As a result, with the help of a class of dishonest people in this country, various types of drugs are spreading in all parts of Bangladesh, in villages and towns, in cities and ports. Its coral reefs are being destroyed. A big part of our youth and youth society. They are adopting various illegal means to buy drugs.

As a result, crime and terrorism are increasing everywhere in the country.These include mistrust, curiosity, social unrest, family strife and turmoil, unemployment, mismatch in expectations and achievements, easy availability of drugs, abundance of black money etc. According to the statistics published in a daily newspaper, about 50 lakh people are addicted to drugs in Bangladesh. Currently, there are no accurate statistics of Yaba addicts, a highly popular sexually stimulating drug, but it is not difficult to understand that its demand is increasing.

Drug addiction paragraph
According to a 2013 report by the United Nations, the annual drug trade around the world is worth 400 million US dollars, which has increased the concern of the people of the world. In order to protect the youth of our country from the grip of this destructive addiction, conscious people from all levels of society including the government should come forward. All the ways of drug importation and smuggling should be stopped.

drug addiction paragraph

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Drug addiction paragraph
Drug addiction paragraph

Drug addiction paragraph

Drug addiction is one of the most serious problems facing the world today. The world is worried about its use and illegal spread. Narcotic drugs are substances that cause intoxication with neurological impairment. Consuming it over a certain period of time becomes addictive. Its side effects are terrible and deadly. The horror of drugs in our country is deadly. The most consumed drugs in our country are – ganja, phencidil, heroin, alcohol, beer, tadi, sleeping pills, phethedrin injection, yaba etc.

Intoxication by taking these drugs is called drug addiction. According to the World Health Organization, drug addiction is the consumption of substances in excess of medically acceptable amounts and becoming dependent on them. Among them, companionship, curiosity, family quarrels, deviation of religious values and availability of drugs. significant Especially the youth is the most addicted to drugs. Its prevalence through global drug abuse and trafficking poses a serious threat to future generations.

Drug addiction paragraph
Many fresh lives are being prematurely lost under the cruel grip of drugs and many young people’s bright futures are being ruined. The problem of drug abuse is global today. An international smuggling ring has developed around this lucrative business. To save the future generation of Bangladesh from this destruction, all people should come forward in the drug addiction treatment and prevention movement. A drug free world should be built through the active participation of all classes of people, starting from the government, media, politicians, intellectuals, social workers.

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Drug addiction paragraph
paragraph drug addiction

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