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Early rising paragraph

Early rising is one of the best habit of our life. As a student early rise make a student healthy and wealthy. Morning air fresh our body and mind. A man who rise early can get enough time for his work. Morning work fresh our mind. As a result, people are easily focus their daily work routine.

Early rising increase our productivity and help to finish work on time. A student who rise early he can feel the fresh air and refresh himself. At the same time, he can get extra time to study in the morning. In early morning the nature is clam and quiet. The morning air is cool and fresh.

It makes anyone happy to start his busy day. He can do his work without tiredness and finish on time. An early riser can use his time properly and systematically. An early riser can hear the sweet song of a bird that makes them joyful. A peaceful atmosphere makes an early riser give a new and effective day. For every young person early rising is blessing for them.

Early rising contributes our body fit and happy life. Early morning is the best time for exercise. To walk in the morning any one keep his body strong and fit. It is good for our body and soul. For this reason, our elders advise us to wake up early in the morning. It creates positive intensity of our daily life. For this everyone should practice to make the habit of early rising.

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