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quotes by j cole

I am very hard on myself. My standards are high, so I won’t rest until I’ve reached them. I can never be content. J. Cole I’m used to being on the losing end. In a lot of ways, I feel like I succeeded despite all odds. J. Cole I strive for excellence in everything I do. J. Cole
In my experience, there are two main components necessary to accomplish what most people would consider impossible and pursue one’s dreams. The first step is believing it on your own terms. The second stage entails actually doing the work. J. Cole

good quotes by j cole

I do sing about God a lot, but it’s not because I’m a devout Christian. My music also features a number of demonic entities. Both are true in my opinion. J. Cole I am a pathological overthinker. When combined with self-doubt and external pressure, the result is never positive. J. Cole
Sometimes I’ll be in a Ray Charles mood, and the next day I’ll be in a Red Hot Chili Peppers rut. The following day, it could be nothing but Tupac. J. Cole
I guess you could say that a part of me is a gamer at heart. Unfortunately, I can no longer call myself a gamer. I would love to be one someday. J. Cole

love quotes by j cole

Not everyone aspires to go to college. But I’m here to tell you that going to school doesn’t have to throw a wrench into your life. It enriches your life, providing material for future works. J. Cole
I believe in encouraging others to pursue their passions, but I have no interest in instructing young black people on how to become rap artists. I hope to demonstrate to them that there are many more career options out there than being a rapper or a basketball player. J. Cole

motivational quotes by j cole

There isn’t a single rapper—not Jay-Z, not Tupac, not Biggie—in the world who is loved unconditionally for everything they do. J. Cole
Although it may appear to others that I am successful, I am not happy with my progress. The further I travel, the more distant my ultimate goal seems. Simply put, I have more ambitions as I mature. I can never be satisfied. J. Cole
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My producer side is usually the first to get to work on a new track, and I usually begin by making a beat. On good days, my inner rapper will take over and begin the composing process, providing me with a hook or a verse. It’s just the way things go sometimes. Sometimes a song like “Lights Please” just pops into existence. J. Cole
People think I’ve made it because I’ve had some success, but I’m thinking, “How long has Jay Z been in the business?” I think, how many albums does he have? I’m not aiming to outlive the world like Jay Z, but I would like to live for quite some time. J. Cole

quotes by j cole
quotes by j cole

best quotes by j cole

In my youth, I would ride the subway to lower Manhattan, where I would wander aimlessly while listening to music. The pressure of fame prevents that. It’s a minor gripe compared to the benefits I reap from it, but the restriction and irreversibility bother me. J. Cole
The touring industry is extremely mundane. It’s routine to fly into a city, transfer to a hotel, and check in by a certain time. Since I am not a naturally structured person, any time I am provided with structure, I enjoy and benefit from it. J. Cole
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famous quotes by j cole

I refuse to be mediocre, and my goal is to excel at everything I attempt. So, there’s a competitive drive whether I’m playing basketball or taking the SATs. It’s the same deal when it comes to manufacturing. J. Cole
When I first entered college, I planned to study computer science. However, I quickly realized that wasn’t the major for me. And the reason for that is because I had a professor who was the loneliest, saddest man I’ve ever met. I knew I didn’t want to be a programmer like he was. J. Cole

motivational quotes by j cole

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Because of my mixed racial ancestry, I feel comfortable in any social setting. Because I’ve seen so much of the world, I can write stories from a wide variety of perspectives. J. Cole
Before I can even remember, my parents had already separated and I never saw them again as a married couple. J. Cole

quotes by j cole
quotes by j cole

inspirational quotes by j cole

It’s always, “I’m better than you raps” or “I’m stuntin’ on you raps.” There aren’t many “Yo man, I idolize you raps,” for example. J. Cole
When I was a kid, my family and I watched every one of Mike Tyson’s fights. J. Cole
There have been artists who have both rapped and produced, such as Kanye, but I don’t think there’s ever been a producer who could rap as well as I can. J. Cole
I have these thoughts: You must do whatever comes naturally to you and fills your heart. J. Cole

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I have good news to share, so please hear me out. Do what feels right. Refuse to do as you have been instructed. J. Cole
To put it bluntly, I was the class jokester. At the age of 12, I was a full-fledged clown. The humor was all mine. Teachers were at a loss for how to handle me because of my intelligence. J. Cole………………
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