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Female Education paragraph

female education paragraph ::
Women’s education is a prerequisite for the development of a nation. Men and Women both of them are members of a society. So it is true that both men and women should get proper education to build a happy society.

Education is the backbone of the nation. It is light camper. No development and progress is possible without proper and correct patterns. A society or nation without proper education is deaf, stupid and blind. Almost half or above of the population of our country are women. Only education can make women aware of their rights and as well as duties. So women education is essential.

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Mother as a teacher is the best teacher of her children. Most of the school and college teachers in all developed countries are women. Generally they are more friendly, caring and hardworking than men. Meanwhile Bangladesh government has introduced stipend for female students which encourages female students to pursue education. With proper education our women can know better about child care, sanitation, value of family planning and hygiene.


An educated woman can play an important role in the development of the national economy like a man. Necessary and appropriate steps should be taken to encourage women education for the betterment of our country. The wise philosopher Napoleon said that “Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation.”

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