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paragraph on mobile phone

Nowadays, many advancements have been made in the field of communication. One of them is mobile phone (Mobile) is an English word. The meaning of this word is transferable. Mobile means easily portable and used anywhere. So this phone is named as mobile phone because of its light wet and bear easily. It is also called cellphone as it works with hexagonal shaped field or single cell.


The inventor of mobile phone is Dr. Martin Cooper. In the last decade of the 20th century, the commercial use of mobile phones began in the world. Its first foray into Germany. Around 1996, mobile phones became commercially available in Bangladesh. Today it is possible to communicate from any part of the world to another part of the world through mobile phone.


All the people of the world have come closer to each other today. Earlier it was possible to sit at an international telecommunication junction and talk for a short while. But it is possible to talk to people from any part of the world sitting at home through mobile.

paragraph mobile phone

Mobile not only serves as a medium of communication but also has multiple uses. Clock and calendar are set in its Multipurpose object. More recently, digital cameras and video capture and display, SMS and Internet access have been added to mobile phones. In addition, the use of various types of applications has made the mobile phone an essential accessory of modern people.


Several mobile companies have launched their operations in Bangladesh. People have brought the whole world at their fingertips through mobile phones. But mobile phones have advantages as well as disadvantages. Mobile phones are largely responsible for moral decay. Although mobile phones have their downsides, they have brought the world closer together. We should take the country and the nation forward by ensuring its correct use rather than arbitrary use.

Paragraph on mobile phone
mobile phone paragraph

uses and abuses of mobile phone paragraph
the uses and abuses of mobile phone paragraph
mobile phone; paragraph for hsc
mobile phone paragraph for class 6

use and abuse of mobile phone paragraph
mobile phone; paragraph for ssc
mobile phone paragraph for class 8

uses and abuses of mobile phone paragraph for hsc
mobile phone; paragraph for class 10
mobile phone paragraph hsc

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Iphone 14 pro max.
Iphone 14 pro max.

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