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my family paragraph

There are three of us in the family. It really is a small family. My father’s name is Nazrul Islam and he is 41 years old. My mother is 39 years old and her name is Mst. khaleda Begum . I don’t have any siblings. It is a very small family. My father is an journalist and mother is a house wife. As a housewife she spends most of her time with our family.


I really enjoy her escort.Both of them love me more than anything in the world. She is a hardworking woman, who works all day for the family. He cooks really good and delicious food for us. My father and I love her cooking. He really enjoys it when we give good reviews about his food. My father is a strong and well educated person. He is very helpful.

Whatever I do, he guides me and gives me the best advice. I really enjoy his guidance. Even most of the time my homework and school projects are planned by him. Both my parents are like friends to me. I really love both of them and they love me too. Our family is the happiest family ever.

paragraph my family

my family’ paragraph for class 4;
my family’ paragraph for class 5;
my family’ paragraph for class 3;
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my family paragraph for class 1;
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my family paragraph
my family paragraph

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