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Newspapers are a mirror to the world. Newspapers which carry various kinds of news for people are called newspapers. Newspaper is the best vehicle of modern civilization. The first newspaper appeared in China in the 11th century. Handwritten newspapers were in vogue during Mughal rule. The first newspaper in Europe was published in Venice. In Bangladesh, the first newspaper called Samachar Darpan was published. Newspapers can be of various types – daily, monthly, weekly etc. There are many newspapers in Bangladesh. For example; Prothom Alo, Ittefaq, Jugantar etc.

There are various institutions in different countries of the world for collecting newspaper news. For example, Reuters, BBC, CNN News Media etc. In the modern era, the importance of newspaper is immense. Through it, we can know all the news of the world. We can know about education, business etc. Many abuses are done in newspapers. Sometimes they harm the country by spreading false rumours. Many times the newspapers make a joke. The importance of newspapers is immense. It conveys the grievances of the people to the government.

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newspaper paragraph
newspaper paragraph

Reading newspaper is very important in today’s age. Newspapers are a storehouse of knowledge. All the events of the world come to us through different types of newspapers. News from any part of the world is coming in front of our eyes in a moment. As if this huge world of ours has unimaginably turned into a tiny sphere. Newspaper reading is a very good practice through which the knowledge of state, government, economics, sociology, geography, science, literature, archeology, anthropology, and above all art literature of each country comes to us.

In our country students mainly read newspapers. A significant number of jobbers also sit and read newspapers at their workplaces. The number of married women as newspaper readers is also noticeable. In order to build our nation more properly, the habit of reading newspapers should be encouraged. A message of awareness always floats in the eardrums of a civilized nation.

A major part of this awareness comes through reading newspapers. Today in the era of globalization, newspapers are considered as the legislature of the world. And to be a member of this legislature one must read newspapers. Newspapers can be called the instant mirror of world civilization. So a newspaper reader can stand in front of this mirror and get an idea of his presence. By all means reading newspapers is definitely a good habit.

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paragraph newspaper

importance of reading newspaper paragraph

reading newspaper paragraph

a newspaper’ paragraph

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