paragraph computer in 250; 300 word. SSC/HSC

paragraph computer

paragraph computer Computer is an amazing invention of modern science. It is a very sophisticated invention. This is known as ‘electric brain’. It revolutionized the world. It is capable of performing complex tasks across all branches and disciplines of science quickly and easily. It can solve complex mathematical problems. It can handle thousands of data sequentially. .. In just a …

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paragraph physical exercise For class 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10;

Physical exercise paragraph

paragraph physical exercise Any physical activity that increases the fitness of every part of the body and overall health is called exercise. Modern age is the age of science. New and modern inventions of science have greatly reduced the scope of human manual labor. As a result, the need for physical exercise is very high nowadays. Because physical activity and …

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A good teacher paragraph For class 4;5;6;7

A good teacher paragraph

A good teacher paragraph A person who teaches students in any educational institution is called a teacher. A teacher, especially a good teacher, is one of the most important people in a country. A good teacher is a worthy asset to any nation. He is a nation builder. A good teacher is a friend, philosopher and guide to students. He …

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My first day at school paragraph For class 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 JSC

my first day at school paragraph

my first day at school paragraph Every person has different memories in their life which can never be forgotten. My first day of school is one such memory to remember forever. The day was 7th January 2008, the day I first stepped into school. I was very young then, barely 5 to 6 years old. Mother brought me to school …

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mobile phone paragraph or paragraph on mobile phone

Paragraph on mobile phone

mobile phone paragraph or paragraph on mobile phone Nowadays, many advancements have been made in the field of communication. One of them is mobile phone (Mobile) is an English word. The meaning of this word is transferable. Mobile means easily portable and used anywhere. So this phone is named as mobile phone because of its light wet and bear easily. …

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Drug addiction paragraph For Class SSC/HSC 300 word

Drug addiction paragraph

drug addiction paragraph Drug addiction is a serious problem that has become a cause of great concern to the people of the world today. Drug addiction is the addiction of taking drugs. It has also spread widely in our country and is dragging a section of the youth from the circle of normal life into the dark world. As a …

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paragraph price hike For HSC/SSC or class 8

paragraph price hike

paragraph price hike There is no need for how many things we need every day to live our lives. The relationship between commodity prices and lifestyle is very deep. People buy various products from the market to meet their daily needs. And if such a purchase is not possible with the earned income of a person, then there is no …

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