paragraph myself For class 5 to 10 students;JSC/SSC/HSC

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paragraph myself

My name is Atik Yeasir Sheam. I am 16 years old and studying in 6th/7th/8th/9th/10th standard. My parents have three children and I am 2nd of them. I have an elder sister and younger brother also.We have a joint family where my grandparents, uncles, cousins live in the same house. We love each other very much and are closely related to our grandparents.


All of our family members are open minded and vary friendly. I have a group of 4 friends but Safi Hasan is my best friend. He is true, honest and very good looking. We both studied in the same class and school. Generally, I like to listen and tell jokes and stories to my friends. I help my younger cousins with their homework everyday. I love my parents very much.

All of them also love me and promote me to do well in every field. They motivate me to study. My family is a cultural family. When we celebrate every festival and occasion together, we enjoy it and have a great time. Really, I am lucky to have this family.

paragraph myself

paragraph myself
paragraph myself

about myself paragraph
myself paragraph for job
myself paragraph for university
myself paragraph for university student
about myself paragraph for introduction

introduce myself paragraph
myself paragraph for class 10
myself paragraph for class 3
myself paragraph for class 6
myself paragraph for class 5

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