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water pollution paragraph

Water is one of the essential elements of our environment among other elements. Another name for water is life. We use water every day for drinking and household purposes. But polluted water is harmful to health. Human activities are the main reason for polluting water. Farmers apply various chemicals and pesticides to the land. Washed by rainwater, these chemicals mix with canal or river water and make the water toxic.

Also, industrial waste is often dumped into rivers without proper management. For this reason, river water is polluted continuously. In rural areas, use of unsanitary latrines is observed along river banks. The excrement and urine of these toilets directly mixes with the river water and pollutes the water. One of the causes of water pollution is the dumping of by-products from factories into rivers or ponds. Various radioactive substances like uranium, plutonium etc.

mix in the water and pollute the water. Organic pollutants such as pesticides and inorganic pollutants such as detergent powder mix in water to form water pollution. Often household garbage and dead animals are thrown into the water. Also, oil from various motorized watercrafts increases the level of water pollution. And drinking this contaminated water causes various water borne diseases.

Drinking contaminated water is one of the causes of cholera, diarrhea etc. Also the water of rivers and canals is becoming polluted and unfit for their habitation. As a result, various aquatic animals are becoming extinct or dying. So everyone must be aware to prevent water pollution. The government should enact laws to regulate the use of chemicals and pesticides. Also public awareness activities can be conducted to prevent water pollution. Also training can be given to everyone on proper waste management. Thus pollution can be reduced by being aware of water pollution.

paragraph water pollution

water pollution paragraph
water pollution paragraph

water pollution paragraph for ssc
water pollution paragraph’ for class 9
water pollution paragraph’ 250 words
water pollution paragraph’ ssc

water pollution paragraph’ for hsc
water pollution; paragraph’ for class 9-10
water pollution; paragraph 150 words
water pollution; paragraph hsc 70
water pollution paragraph class 9

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