what is five pillars of Islam and their meaning in order

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what is five pillars of Islam

Islam five pillars

Each and every member of the Muslim Ummah should uphold the five pillars of Islam. The Shahadah, or confession of faith, is the first pillar. It states that there is no deity but Allah and that Muhammad (SAW) is His final prophet. All other duties fall under this pillar because to believe in Allah and accept Muhammad (SAW) as His Prophet is to follow their precepts and emulate Muhammad’s life.


The second pillar is the Prayer (Salah), which Muslims are required to perform five times daily. Through prayer, Allah Almighty and His slave maintain a direct line of communication. These five prayers are recited in Arabic, the language of the Revelation, and each one includes verses from the Quran. Personal supplications, however, can be made at any time and in one’s own language. what is five pillars of Islam

the 5 pillars of Islam in order

Faith (Shahada)
Salah (prayer)
zakah (charity)
Hajj (Pilgrimage)

Faith (Shahada):

The first tenet of Islam gives the following advantages:
• Muslims are reminded by this pillar that the sole purpose of their existence is to glorify Allah Almighty.
• It generates a lot of self-respect and confidence while still being modest and humble.

Salah (prayer)

Islam’s second pillar is prayer, and it has the following advantages:
• Prayer gives serenity and contentment, which enriches the soul.
• By giving constant access to Allah and opportunities for repentance, it cleanses the heart from the effects of laziness and sin.

the five pillars of Islam faith

zakah (charity)

The third pillar of Islam is zakah (charity), which has the following advantages for Muslims:
• Zakah encourages us to give back to the less fortunate by encouraging us to share the blessings Allah Almighty has given us.
• It also aids us in avoiding being egotistical.

what is five pillars of islam
what is five pillars of islam


is the fourth pillar of Islam and has various advantages, some of which are listed below:
• Fasting teaches patience and willpower.
• It is a method of appreciating Allah’s gifts, which are all around us but which we tend to overlook.
what is five pillars of Islam

Hajj (Pilgrimage)

Hajj (Pilgrimage) is the fifth pillar of Islam, and it has the following advantages:
• Hajj highlights the Islamic ideals of inclusivity and equality among Muslims while also extolling Allah’s unbreakable unity.
• The Hajj is a significant spiritual and emotional experience that affects a believer for the rest of their lives

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what is five pillars of Islam

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