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paragraph environment pollution

Environment is what we live in. Everything that exists around us is the environment. Since we live in the environment, we have some responsibilities and duties towards the environment. If the environment is not good, none of us will be good. The environment is our source of survival. When humans had just set foot on the bosom of civilization, in those beginnings of civilization there was thick green all around. There are some people among the trees surrounded by greenery. There was silence all around.

There was no device with which to shake the whole environment. There was no use of plastic, which would spread around and spoil the original appearance of civilization. Now a days, along with the advancement of technology, the use of different types of plastic items, the by-product emitted from various industries, and the improper use of the by-product have caused pollution in the appearance of the environment. Changing the original form of the environment in various ways is called environmental pollution.

Pollution of the air and soil with various wastes is called environmental pollution. Soil, air, water, sound – all these together make the environment. These are the elements of the environment. And so environmental pollution can also be divided into four main categories – soil pollution, air or air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Although man is the best creature in creation, man is the main cause of environmental pollution. Humans have built houses unplanned and continue to do so today.

As a result, forests have lost their place. If we can control and reduce the smoke emitted from the factories, we can reduce the air pollution a lot if we can make arrangements so that the smoke does not come out from the bus trucks. And if we all use public cars, or share cars, the number of vehicles will be reduced. As a result, the car’s smoke, and the effect of the horn will also be reduced.

As a result, we can reduce both air pollution and noise pollution. Time has come to raise awareness among us all. By reducing the number of vehicles, banning burning of bees, growing forests, we can reduce the pollution of the environment and refresh the environment. If we can’t fix environmental pollution, then we are on our own duty to decrease environment pollution.

paragraph environment pollution for class 9

english paragraph environment pollution

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paragraph on environment pollution

paragraph environment pollution
paragraph environment pollution

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