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Plantation is another name for planting trees. Trees are very important to life. Our existence is unimaginable without trees. The use of plant in our daily life is very essential. We need oxygen to survive. Plants provide us with this oxygen. It gives us food and fruits. From fruits we get food. We get wood from trees. By getting this wood we make various equipment like houses, furniture, boats and other things.


If trees are planted along river and sea shores, soil erosion can be prevented. It also helps to maintain the balance environment. Without trees, the country becomes like a desert. Many medicines are prepared from the leaves, roots and bark of the plant. But vegetation and forests are insufficient compared to the total area of our country. Also, some miserly people are destroying the forest by cutting trees for their own selfishness, this destruction is upsetting the balance of our environment.


And when the balance of the environment is disturbed, parasites like us gradually disappear. So government should take necessary steps. It is hoped that the government in collaboration with various donor agencies is conducting plantation drives every year. Together with the government, we also need to be responsible of the importance of planting trees and make a balance environment

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Plantation is planting trees around our houses, on roads, in parks, in gardens, along railway lines and on fallow land and any empty space. Plants are an important component of our environment. Plants help us in many ways. Plants give us flowers and fruits. Provides shade during intense sun. Vegetation helps prevent rainfall and soil erosion.


Trees enhance natural beauty. To plant tree is very essential for our environment to protect from natural disaster. Global temperature is increasing day by day. Global warming is increasing due to the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide gas around the world. Our country’s environment, especially urban areas, is getting polluted. Carbon-di-oxide is increasing day by day in our atmosphere. People are cutting trees for fuel and shelter and destroying forests indiscriminately.


Forest vegetation is becoming fertile due to deforestation. Plants help reduce air pollution. Forests help maintain the balance of the environment. For a country to maintain its ecological balance, at least 25% of its total land area needs forests. Our country has only 9% forest area. If we don’t stop cutting down forests at the current rate, soon our forests will be empty. Without plants in our country and forests, the country will one day turn into a desert. So we need to plant more trees and carry out tree plantation programs to maintain the balance of the country’s environment.

paragraph tree plantation
paragraph tree plantation

paragraph tree plantation for class 8

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paragraph tree plantation for ssc

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paragraph tree plantation for class 7

paragraph tree plantation for class

paragraph tree plantation for jsc

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paragraph on tree plantation

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