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The importance of learning English paragraph-1

A language that is widely used in an international context is called an international language. English as a common language is widely used worldwide. It is so important because of international standards. There are many languages in the world, but to communicate with them, not all languages can be used. It requires a familiar language that almost the people of the country can communicate with. And that familiar language is the English language. We can communicate other by using English language all over the world very easily.


English has made this communication easy. First, nowadays there are many jobs where English language is very necessary. Second, English language is very important for studying abroad. Third, English language is very important in the whole import export sector of business. Forth, English language is widely needed in oral and written form to maintain our important work such as personal, social and international communication with other people. Nowadays there are many jobs in the world where English language is very necessary.


This is because the world has become much smaller. Huge distances are beginning to be shortened by rapid transport. We can easily get domestic and foreign news and talk through phone and internet. So we can communicate easily. And English language has made these communications easy. Currently, more than 80% of the world’s computer information is in English.


Commentary on any international gathering or international sports competition is held in English. So if we don’t learn English to build a good career we will lag behind in every competition in the world today. We all need to learn English. It can be concluded that there is no alternative to learning English to enter this world of globalization.

Importance of learning English paragraph-2

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If you look a little, you will see that English language is used the most as a medium of language in the world. If you do statistics out of every five people in the world, it will be seen that at least one person knows English language or understands English language. Today if you or your child wants to get higher education be it science or space science or any subject in computer then English is needed. If you want to get a job in a multinational company in your own country or if you want to work abroad, then you must be proficient in English.

There is no alternative. English is currently used as an official language in 53 countries around the world. A large number of working people in those countries use English as their only language medium. Right now, about 40 million people around the world use English as their first language. The spoken language and mother tongue of this large number of people is English. If there is an opportunity to study in different countries, then the range of knowledge will increase. Because there are thousands of schools or educational institutions all over the world, where good education is available.

Those opportunities can be taken very easily if the English language is well understood. English language is not only useful it also gives satisfaction. Confidence increases a lot after learning English language. A good feeling works in learning the English language. Because English is an international language, different countries, their people, their civilization, manners, their way of life can be known through this language. That’s why English learning is more important than any other language all over the world.

importance of learning english paragraph
importance of learning english paragraph

Importance of learning English paragraph-3

Every country uses English for international communication. That is why English is called an international language. I strongly feel the need for English education. To keep up with the modern world, we must learn English. Almost all books required for higher education are written in English. So English is essential for higher education.

English is needed to communicate with other countries for various purposes. Moreover, it is not possible to get a job as a pilot, telephone operator, receptionist and tourist guide without English. If we avoid English, we cannot progress in life. So we should learn English.

To learn English, we should read English newspapers and magazines as well as listen or watch English news also. Moreover, we should read English text books carefully. We should learn grammar rules properly. The need for English education cannot be underestimated in any way.

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paragraph on importance of learning English
importance of learning English paragraph
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