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paragraph global warming

Greenhouse effect and deforestation are the biggest causes behind global warming. Earth is a beautiful place for humans, but its temperature is rising day by day. It is called ‘Global Warming’. That means the whole world is warming. This Global Warming does not bode well for the future. According to experts, carbon dioxide levels continue to rise after the world cannot survive for another few hundred years. Can you imagine, how threatening it is? Our future generations are in deep danger.


We have to give them a better and safer world. There are still some solutions that can make some changes. The biggest reason behind this global warming is climate change. Since the seasons you’re following are really changing every year, they’re changing their effects. Its climate change. The whole world will face it.


As a result, several counties will sink under the sea. But still, we can prevent it if we are aware. Most situations are man-made. Various types of pollution and deforestation are major causes of global warming and climate change. We have to stop it. Everyone should start planting more trees. This is the biggest solution.

paragraph global warming;
global warming paragraph

Paragraph 02 : green house effect paragraph

Green House Effect

The greenhouse effect is the process by which heat radiated from the Earth’s surface is absorbed by atmospheric greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, including methane, CFCs, nitrous oxide, and water vapor) and dissipated back into the atmosphere. This radiated heat returns to the surface and lower atmosphere, increasing the average temperature of the surface and atmosphere. This natural greenhouse reaction on Earth is helping the creation of life. But various human activities, especially, excessive burning of fossil fuels and deforestation are intensifying the natural greenhouse effect, resulting in global warming.


As a result, the greenhouse reaction has become a widely discussed topic of the present time. The conscious human society around the world is worried about the climate change that is expected to occur in the next few decades as a result of the greenhouse reaction. Natural disasters such as lack of rainfall, forest fires, heat waves, hurricanes, cyclones, droughts, severe floods, etc. are all believed to be the result of the greenhouse effect. As a result of the greenhouse effect, the temperature of the earth is 2-5 degrees Celsius. Many people think that the natural balance of the earth will be completely destroyed if it increases.


All the problems that will arise as a result of greenhouse effect are- 1. The height of the sea surface will increase, 2. The expansion of desert areas will occur, 3. Polar ice caps will melt, 4. Tropical forests will be destroyed and 5. Current speed of air flow will change. The effect of greenhouse effect on Bangladesh is extensive. As a result, there is a danger of submerging the southern part of Bangladesh.


However, it is possible to reduce the greenhouse effect by taking several steps. First, taking effective measures to curb carbon-dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. Second, reducing the use of energy. Third, the forest area was developed rapidly. Let us all be vigilant and save our dear earth from the evils of greenhouse effect.paragraph global warming

paragraph global warming

paragraph global warming
paragraph global warming

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paragraph global warming

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paragraph global warming

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