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A farmer is a person engaged in agriculture, growing crops for food or raw materials. In our country maximum of the farmers are poor and they have not enough own land to cultivate. So they have to cultivate in other’s land. His and his family’s survival depended on the crops of the land and much on nature. He works very hard to prepare the land for planting seeds. He got up early in the morning and went to work in the fields. We get food because of the hard work of farmers.


Our economy is mainly dependent on agriculture as Bangladesh is an agricultural country. In our economy large number of people are engaged in agriculture directly or indirectly. So, to improve the national economy, farmers should be taught how to produce crops in a scientific manner. The government should provide subsidies and loans on easy terms to improve the lives of farmers. In most cases, farmers are very poor. They have not enough land to cultivate of their own. So, they cultivate the land of others.


They live only by meeting his basic needs. They work very hard to prepare their land for planting and sowing crops. We get the food we need by growing crops planted by farmers and harvesting those crops. They work hard in the crop fields, producing bumper crops. It helps to develop our economy as well as GDP. Bangladesh is an agricultural country its known to all.


More than 80 percent of people are directly or indirectly involved in agriculture. Our economy’s GDP is largely depending on it. So, to develop the national economy, the farmers should be helped by the government with agricultural subsidies. They should be encouraged to use tractors instead of Manhattan’s ploughs. They should be taught modern farming methods. For this we must develop the beautiful farmer’s life.

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A farmer is a person who engaged themselves to cultivate land. They are very working and dedicating person in our society. Usually he lives in the village. Their house is made of corrugated iron or most of the time made of straw. An ideal farmer leads their life very simple way. He earns his living by sweat. He works from morning till evening.


He gets up early in the morning and has a little breakfast. He goes to the fields with his wooden plow and a pair of oxen. A farmer prepares their land for growing crop with hand-made machinery. Sometimes he is so busy that he doesn’t have time to go home for lunch. Most of the time, they lead happy and sad life. He is happy when the yield is well. But he suffers when his crops are destroyed by drought, floods cyclones or any accident. A farmer work hard but most of the time they cannot meet their basic need.


He eats day after day. He also suffers from various diseases. However, he can improve his condition by taking advantage of easy credit and using it in a planned manner. He should adopt scientific machinery and modern methods of cultivation. In our economy, farmer is considered as low rate holder. But in fact, farmer is the wealth of the country. It contributes significantly to a country’s economy. All of us should improve their overall condition by taking concerted action.

a farmer paragraph
a farmer paragraph

a farmer paragraph;

life of a farmer paragraph;
the life of a farmer paragraph;
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