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A rainy day paragraph 01

A rainy day, the sky is covered with thick black clouds in the month of Shrabon. Continuous rain all day. Sometimes it comes in a slow and steady stream. It seems like the grand festival of rain is going on. Daylight fades. At times the flash of light is revealed all around. Gudum Dum Vajroninada is heard in the sky. People are trapped in the home, but the mind goes to the distant Achinpur. The rain began to dance with the gusts of wind. Memories of joy and pain arise in the human mind.


The sound of the rain reverberates in the depths of the mind. New forms prevail in the natural world outside. The pattering sound of the rain on the leaves of the trees makes nature shiver. Due to continuous rain, rivers and canals, canals, fields and meadows are washed away. People do not leave the house except for urgent work. Sitting in dawa or through the window of the house, people see the play of monsoon-nature. The cows in the farmer’s pasture sometimes call out to the poor.


The farmer runs and fetches straw from the haystack to try to satisfy their hunger. Housewives are busy with housework. From morning to afternoon and afternoon to afternoon – time goes on like this. People’s time passes through stagnation, dysfunction, laziness and deep depression. The face of the sun cannot be seen throughout the day. Traffic on city roads is very reduced. Most cars drive with headlights on. Students find it difficult to travel to school and college.


Those who go out on the streets for urgent needs do not go without an umbrella. Some people put on their raincoats and return home after doing essential work. On a rainy day, the appearance of villages and towns is somewhat different, but in both cases activity comes to a standstill. People feel the lack or dissatisfaction of something in their mind. And through this unsatisfied demand and continuous rain, the dim light of the day hides its face in the darkness of the evening.

A rainy day paragraph o2

When nature is hot in the scorching heat of summer, it is time for cooling, to cool down nature. Nature becomes cold by submerging its body in water. Is nature just hot? Animals also become hot. The living beings became restless to moisten the mind and body in a single rain. As time changes, so do seasons. People lose patience in the intense heat of old age. And just at that time nature brings the rain queen. Nature takes on blood-colour in the abundant summer sun. And after that comes the change of season.


A rainy day paragraph
a rainy day paragraph
Nature covers itself in dark clouds. At the end of summer when the monsoons appear, who does not love him? Most of the time, the beginning of the change is quite joyful. Everyone feels a chill at the onset of monsoon. At the end of summer, the monsoons arrive. And that arrival was welcomed by the people. Because that arrival brings the end of summer. Sometimes people love Monsoon to get relief from heat in patches. Although these two months of Asadha and Shravan are rainy season. But the monsoons are no longer confined to this section.


At any time of the year nature and life can be visited. But everyone likes monsoons in the month of Shravan. But when that monsoon comes and goes most of the year, no one likes it.When monsoon comes at the end of summer, people love it very much. No matter how horrible the form is, people love it if the form disappears within 2-3 days. The form of monsoon is mixed with different colors. Drizzling rain increases the heat. Again torrential rains for quite some time damage the crops. If this rain continues day after day, the monsoon takes a terrible form. And this terrible form of monsoon floods the two banks of the river.


During the rainy season, nature covers itself with a sheet of dark clouds. And the sunlight comes and goes in between. It’s like a game of hide and seek between clouds and sunlight. Think around satsya. Abundant insect infestation. At night I hear the sound of frogs even in my sleep. At this time nature changes completely. When I see the sun in the sky after a day of rain, I feel a strange joy. Sometimes rainbows also appear in the sky. Nature decorates itself in new colors.

paragraph a rainy day

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a rainy day paragraph for ssc
a rainy day paragraph for class 8

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