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climate change paragraph

Climate change is the most complex and important issue of current world. Because this is a serious threat to human civilization and nature. The natural balance of the earth is under threat due to pollution and poisoning of the natural environment. Therefore, the natural stability and natural balance of the climate depends on finding its cause and solving it quickly. Humans are responsible for climate change and humans must play an active role in its alleviation to protect nature and human civilization, and prevent the threat of climate change.


Since the 1980s, the global temperature has increased by 0.74 degrees Celsius due to greenhouse gas emissions. If the climate change continues at this rate, the polar ice caps will melt by the end of this century. Already, massive changes are being noticed in the Himalayan region. In 2050, the sea level will rise by 153 cm. The climate will change rapidly now a days.


This will have a rapid negative impact on inland, marine and coastal, agriculture, forests, islands, mountain regions, polar environments. 25 percent of animal and plant life will be vanished out due to these changes in different environments, low-lying areas will be flooded. Drought, heat wave, lack of rain, heavy rain will cause those damage to affect crop production and forest resources.


Billions of people will be cruel victims of environmental disaster. After 2055, 20 percent area of Bangladesh will be waterlogged. 1.4 million hectares of coastal areas will be exposed to brackish water. Flood rates will increase, crop production will decrease, the economy will suffer and cause widespread disaster in all areas. As the world is on the border of destruction, the governments and scientists of most countries of the world have agreed and signed agreements to reduce the level of climate change. If industrialized countries reduce the level of carbon emissions and provide financial support to affected countries, it will be possible to gradually reduce the damage caused by climate change.

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