E learning paragraph For class SSC/HSC 250 word

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E learning paragraph

E-learning means learning online or offline through contents or video lessons. It is the modern education system by implementing electronics technology that’s why it is called electronic learning or e-learning. The innovation of modern technology around the world has already been touched the education system. The global lifestyle is changing in every second and that have been breaking all the traditional rules and regulations in human daily life. In early days when we thought about schools we imagined a traditional classroom, Blackboards, Piece of calk, Duster, Chair, table, bench and so on.


In the new age when we think about classroom, students can take their lessons from anywhere through e-learning. Receiving education, teaching method has become relatively very easy. Now students can learn from their own bedroom by implementing modern teaching aids. Some popular modern teaching aids are computer, computer application/software, power point presentation, Video spot film, Live demons, Digital images, movies, records, multimedia projector and many more. Thousands of learning videos, online courses, and tutorials can be found on YouTube alone.


Besides Youtube, Udemy, Khan Academy, and Coursera are some of the world-famous e-learning platforms where anyone can find his preferable content. BD-class, 10 -minute school and are two popular e-learning websites in Bangladesh. Modern teaching aids boosted the healthy classroom interactions. They are helpful in attracting attention of the students. This teaching aids saves time and energy.


These Aids provide students good substitutes for the real objects or circumstance as they make learning objects equally meaningful. So, it undoubtedly can say that e learning is very much supporting and sustainable for today students.

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E learning paragraph
E learning paragraph


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