A winter morning paragraph for JSC/SSC/HSC 250-300 word

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A winter morning paragraph for JSC/SSC/HSC

Bangladesh is a diverse country with six seasons. The six seasons include winter after autumn and before spring. Winter comes after the fall of trees and winter leaves with the new leaves of spring. A different form of nature in this land of winter, which captures the winter morning perfectly. There are opportunities to enjoy this winter morning.

It was possible to feel the touch of the sweet morning with the fragrance of the holiday. A beautiful atmosphere in the misty winter morning. As the fog dissipates into the blanket, houses, plants and nature glow. Because of the fog, even the birds do not leave their nests, they do not rise in noise. The sweet smell of mustard flowers wafted from all around. Thus came a busy winter morning, unhurried. Cold wind blows from the north! Like a sigh, the wind blows through the leaves of the tree. The leaves shook in the wind. On a winter morning, the smell of eating different kinds of pithas wafts through the house.

The joy of eating cake in the morning is beyond all joys. Although this joy creates a festive atmosphere all around, people love to spend winter mornings under blankets. Although winter mornings are lazy and festive, this time I avoided the hardships for the poor. Farmers of the village go to the fields in the morning with cows and ploughs. They eat mung dal, lentils, husks and mustard seeds. After a few days, when the young leaves raise their heads, there is a wonderful softness and tenderness all around. In winter mornings the trees draw down the sap from the dates.

Everyone’s mind was filled with the sweet smell of date palm juice. Six children sat on that morning’s sweet red covered with jiggery. But I understood that the picture of winter morning in the city and village is different. The incidence of winter is relatively less in urban areas as compared to rural areas. So the people of the city woke up a little late. Because of this, city dwellers living in high-rise buildings cannot enjoy the softness of winter mornings. As the sun’s rays intensify, the wonder of a winter morning fades away. The winter morning creates a sacred beauty in nature, which is spread everywhere.

A winter morning paragraph

winter morning paragraph
paragraph winter morning
A winter morning paragraph for JSC/SSC/HSC

A winter morning paragraph
A winter morning paragraph

a winter morning paragraph for class 8;

winter morning paragraph for class 9 ;
winter morning paragraph for class 6;
a winter morning paragraph for class 6;
a winter morning paragraph for class 10;
winter morning paragraph for class 8;
a winter morning paragraph for class 7;

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