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load shedding paragraph

In modern century electricity is the blessing of our civilization. But currently excessive load-shedding has largely dampened the contribution of electricity. Load shedding is suspending the supply of electricity for a period of time. Now a days in our country it become an incidental problem. Load shedding occurs for various reasons.


Inadequate generation of electricity is the main reason for load shedding in our country. Apart from this illegal connection and wastage of electricity is largely responsible for load shedding. Lack of electricity means lack of production. Hence, due to load-shedding, the production of the factories is greatly reduced. It drawn the city area as well as whole country into obscurity. Fresh food stored in the refrigerator spoils. Load-shedding at night provides an opportunity for miscreants to carry out nefarious purposes.


It also disrupts students’ studies. On the whole load shedding adversely affects the economy of our country. So to solve this problem, our government should set up more power generation plants and contract with nuclear power countries to set up reactors. Because a lot of electricity can be generated from this furnace. Apart from this, illegal connections, system loss and wastage of electricity should also be stopped.


In this way we can bring the load shedding to minimum level. But there is hope that the current government has signed an agreement with Russia to build a nuclear reactor at Ruppur. Also several other projects are in the works, when they start production there will be no shortage of electricity.

paragraph on load shedding

paragraph load shedding

paragraph | load shedding;
load shedding paragraph for class 8;
load shedding paragraph for ssc ;
load shedding’ paragraph for class 7;
load shedding’ paragraph for class 9;
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load shedding paragraph for class 9-10;
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load shedding paragraph 150 words

load shedding paragraph
load shedding paragraph

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