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Good manners paragraph


Paragraph Good manners

Good manners are reflected in how we behave in our daily lives. We are also at home, school classrooms, playgrounds and anywhere else we travel by bus or flight or enjoy a trip or vacation. Our parents and teachers help us to develop good behavior. It is good to learn good manners in childhood. If we have good behavior, we are admired and loved by our family, teachers, classmates and friends.

Respecting elders is good manners. It is also good manners to show courtesy to our elders. We show good behavior through the words we speak and the way we speak. Our body language can also reflect good behavior. If we are polite and polite, we show good manners.

It is bad manners to be rude, impolite and arrogant in our words and actions. We can show politeness by using sweet language. Speaking politely and politely is good manners, being loud and harsh is bad manners. It is good manners to thank someone who helps us in need. Similarly, it is polite to say sorry and forgive as appropriate.

Being kind and considerate shows good manners in our behavior. For example, slamming a door in a person’s face is rude. On the other hand, it is polite behavior to present in front of old people and women. Caring for the sick and physically challenged is also good manners.

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Good manners paragraph

good manners paragraph’ hsc

good manners paragraph for class 11
good manners paragraph for hsc

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