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paragraph aim in life

my aim in life paragraph

Everyone should have their own goals in life to be successful. Aim is the object of life. It is more than mere desire. It is a career choice that a person strives to pursue throughout life. I also have goals in my life. I like to be a good doctor – an honest doctor at the same time. I think I am quite suitable person for this profession. My progress in school has always been very satisfactory. I have a great liking for science subjects. My teachers also encourage me. My country is still progressing.


It requires service from the country’s rank and file. I think I have some service for my motherland. There is also another reason. My parents will be happy if I am a doctor because I am the only child of them. They want me to be a good doctor and serve the poor for free. They inspire me a lot. I have strong faith in their ability to honor their hopes. After getting my medical degree, I will go back to the village to treat the poor men of the village without any fee. The medical profession is certainly rewarding.


But I am not really greedy for any reward. A doctor’s life is a dedicated life. A smile in life is my reward and my motivation. I get a lot of satisfaction from serving the sick and suffering. It’s a really great job. So I’m mentally prepared. My biggest ambition is to serve my nation by serving poor humanity. I say my highest ambition is to become a good doctor. paragraph aim in life

aim in life paragraph

paragraph aim in life
paragraph aim in life

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paragraph aim in life

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paragraph aim in life
my aim in life paragraph doctor

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